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Community Media Lab’s lessons, goals highlights and insights

If you missed last week’s Daily Freeman  Community Media Lab introductory meeting, here’s the whole replay. And here are some highlights:



We’ve got a pretty nice idea of what to do, and those at the CML meeting (physically and in the cloud) seem to be game for it.

The short term plan is this:

* Help with traffic.

When a featured blogger has a new post, we’re notified. If it’s worthy it (“I ate burritos today” doesn’t warrant a highlight), we’ll put if atop the site under “Featured” for a limited amount of time, say, two hours.

* Develop a network with them and better communication.
The partnership we’ve envisioned involves bloggers hooking up with one another, to add value to their own sites. Guest hosting, cross promotion, the works.

* Guidance.
Using a blog or lessons and livestreams from postings within our parent company, Journal Register, we want to help bloggers improve their skills through cloud training. We could theoretically host a meeting while the session is going on and brainstorm new ideas after that.

* Rewards. 
 Print the best highlights in the newspaper.

That’s pretty much it — for now. We’ll grow as time and resources allow.

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