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Assemblyman Marc Molinaro responds to insensitive column by mean writer

RE: “How New York works: It doesn’t”

I read with interest today’s column regarding the state legislature. While I cannot defend anyone else’s actions, having decided to engage in public service as an eighteen year old and learning so much from the people I served, I can only assure you and your readers that I remain as committed as ever to the much needed reforms advocated for by so many, including the Brennan Center. I have pledged support, voted for and sponsored legislation meant to overhaul state government, require fiscal discipline and provide transparency and public access.

While, admittedly, you didn’t “name names,” when one lumps all legislators together and paints even the reform minded members with the same brush, damage is done. When someone like yourself levels such a stereotypical charge the efforts of those reform-minded public servants are diminished.

I am not one for pointing to self-serving accolades… but those organizations that so actively pursue reform in Albany are doing good work, have acknowledged my commitment and I proudly stand with them on behalf of those I serve.

Thank you for reading and keeping the dialogue open.


Marcus J. Molinaro
NYS Assembly
103rd district

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