Pump up the Jam

If you are one of the unlucky people who didn’t get to go to WDST-FM’s Mountain Jam, because you make as much money as a journalist or something, fear not. You can still enjoy the experience in a virtual way.

You can follow what everyone is saying about it – live on Twitter and you can watch the live webcast – or you can ignore the whole thing because you don’t like hippies.

Better yet, if $146 is too much for you, try Keegan Ales’ $1.46 Valley Jam. The Kingston brewery is offering (I’m not making this up), “VIP streetside parking, VIP access to Keegan Ales Beer Garden, VIP INDOOR Bathrooms, Access to Stage Viewing Area, Free individually packaged roasted Legumes, Free directions to our VIP commisary, VIP access to our Keegan Ales Gift Shoppe and Art Gallery, Climate Controlled-Earth Friendly Indoor environment.”

The money raised will go to the Queens Galley soup kitchen in Kingston. Land and Sea and The Amendment will perform. Those who don’t purchase tickets will have access to the same things, but will be stared at with disdain. Or not.

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