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Sept. 11

No. I’m not going to talk about how “everything changed” or any of that. There’s plenty of that everywhere else.

But someone very close to me who works in New York City wanted to see the “Tribute of Light” yesterday, and she couldn’t.

This is what she missed.

This AP photo shows the “Tribute in Light” marking the September 11 Anniversary in New York taken from Bayonne, N.J. on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007.
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    September 13, 2007 at 6:24 pm

    The memorial, I read, was originally called “Towers of Light,” but was changed after some people complained the name put more emphasis on the buildings than on the lost… Towers or tribute, I saw it.Despite warnings of rain Tuesday eve, I decided, after all, to grab an umbrella and make the subway trek to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, where the “Tribute in Lights” would be readily visible as a part of one of the best views of Manhattan’s skyline. For the first hour the memorial was barely visible, marred by drifting rainclouds and black smoke that appeared to be the product of an incinerator on a nearby highrise rooftop. Also, several airplanes flew through the bands of light, which was more than a bit disturbing.Dozens of news photogs perched on the Promenade packed up their bags and left after getting some obligatory, but cloud-affected, shots (like the one you see here).But it was only after they left that the clouds and incinerator smoke dissipated and the full effect of the memorial could be seen.Satisfied, I returned to the Bronx… only to find the “Tribute/Towers of Light” was clearly visible from my own window!!

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